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The Native Americans adapted Medicago sativa quickly for human use as well as for animals. In England and South Africa, it is called buffalo herb. Alfalfa is a perennial, herbaceous plant with two stems. Leaflets: three-toothed above. Flowers: violet. Calyx: five toothed.

In some regions, it is cut every month as cultivated food for both man and animal. Alfalfa’s organic salt is the most abundant known, the depth and spread of its roots enabling it to absorb its valuable nutrition as far as 125 feet below the earth’s surface.

What is Alfalfa powder good for?

Arabs discovered Alfalfa, and it is one of the first known herbs. They called Alfalfa the “father of ALL foods.” It is only in recent years that we moderns are re-discovering its valuable healthful properties. Alfalfa contains organic minerals of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium, plus all the known vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin K and the recently discovered vitamin B8 and vitamin P.

Organic Alfalfa powder is helpful for every condition of the body, whether it be maintaining or regaining health, as the contents are balanced for complete absorption. Organic alfalfa may be used by itself or blended with other herbal teas with or between meals. South Africa stock farmers use Alfalfa in the feed to improve the beauty of ostrich feathers, and that cows gave richer milk, chickens laid more often, with the food content of better quality.

Alfalfa and Vitamin B8

Vitamin B8, or inositol, an essential role in lipid metabolism and metabolism as a whole. However, the benefits of vitamin B8 for the human body is not only this, inositol – it is one of the critical components required for the regulation of the nervous system. However, that’s not all.

Read more about the beneficial properties of the human vitamin B8 read this article. Vitamin B8 or inositol – a vitamin-like substance is belonging to the group of vitamin B. It can be synthesized in the body, the chemical structure is similar to the saccharide, but it is not a carbohydrate. Inositol is dissolved in water at high temperatures destroyed. The benefits of Vitamin B8 are such that it can rightly be considered one of the most important and the most common vitamins from group B.

Inositol affects the metabolism, peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, lowers blood pressure, regulates cholesterol, and is part of many enzymes. The main benefit of vitamin B8 – is the activation of lipid metabolism. That is why this matter is so important for athletes. Inositol is mainly found in the blood.

One milliliter of it contains about 4.5 mg of inositol. Through the circulatory system, it spreads to all cells that need vitamin B8. A large number of the substance must be the lens and retina of the eye, which is why its lack leads to the development of various diseases of organs of vision.

Inositol is essential for the human organism because it promotes the absorption of cholesterol and regulation of its level, prevents atherosclerosis and obesity, elastic supports the vessel wall, prevents blood clots, and dilutes the blood. Vitamin B8 helps splice fractures and recover quickly in the postoperative period. Vitamin B8 is vital for the genitourinary system of a man.

Women’s and men’s reproductive functions, to a large extent, depend on the content of inositol in the blood. Also, it takes part in the process of dividing the egg. That is why a deficiency of vitamin B8 can lead to infertility. Inositol is successfully used to treat diseases associated with the violation of the sensitivity of nerve endings since this substance helps to transmit intracellular impulses.

Finally, vitamin B8 accelerates the synthesis of protein molecules, which stimulates muscle and bone tissue growth. As well as a useful feature for the human, vitamin B8 is necessary for the growth and development of children.

What is Vitamin P

Vitamin P is not a vitamin in the real sense of the word. More commonly known by the name of Bioflavonoids, it comprises many different ingredients, which include hesperin, hesperidin, eriodictyol, quercetin, quercitrin, and rutin. It cannot be produced internally in the body and has to be supplemented by an individual’s diet.

  • It is believed to aid better circulation and stimulate bile production.
  • It can be used in the treatment as well as prevention of cataracts.
  • It helps strengthen and decrease the permeability of blood vessel walls.
  • It protects against infection and blood vessel disease.
  • It is used to treat athletic or sports injuries, as it helps alleviate pain.
  • It has been associated with low blood cholesterol levels.
  • It helps relieve pain in the legs as well as in the back.
  • It prevents bleeding and rupture of tiny capillaries.
  • It can lessen the symptoms of prolonged bleeding, low serum calcium, and oral herpes.
  • The rutin present in vitamin P is useful for lessening bleeding from weak blood vessels.
  • Rutin is used to treat chronic venous insufficiency, glaucoma, hay fever, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, poor circulation, cirrhosis, stress & cataracts.
  • It prevents the accumulation of atherosclerotic plaque.
  • It helps reduce the amount of histamine released from the cells.


Other benefits:

Alkalizes the body

Neutralizes acids in the intestinal tract

Supports healthy gums and bad breath

It helps support the pituitary gland/system

Strengthens bones and tendons

Reduces excess water in the bladder

Prevents kidney stones

Strengthens capillaries

Rich in chlorophyll

It helps eliminate heavy metals and toxins.

Rich in Vitamin B8 and Vitamin P


Origin: USA

Ingredients: Wild harvested Alfalfa

Parts Used: The whole plant

Forms: Two ounces of powder or 60 vegetable capsules (550-600 mg).


How to use:

Powder: Take 1/2 tsp of dried powder in an 8 oz. glass of favorite juice or smoothie once a day.

Capsules: Take 1 capsule 2 times a day with water or favorite beverage.


The gel caps we use are Vegicaps (vegetable) and are all-natural. No Animal By-Products, Starch Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Preservative Free, Ethylene Oxide, and Sulfite FREE!

Legal Information: The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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