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“Great product”

This product is amazing. I mean it has a very bitter taste, but it WORKS!!! you have to follow up with clean eating, drinking water and tea to keep flushing the toxins out.


about Parasite and Worm formula


My daughter can go without a menses for six months. Within six doses she had a menstrual cycle. We were shocked at the quick results which are a testament to the high quality of the herbs.


about Fo-Ti


I have a history of Urinary tract infections this herb helps get rid of bacteria. I would recommend it to anyone, and since it’s natural, there are no side effects.


about Mutamba

“This works even better”

Way before I took this mulondo pill form I was already doing PE exercises, but I say it’s way better when you combine this product with the exercises because I feel it when I take the product. Today is my 2nd week using them, and I already see growth when combined with other PE exercises, but it works. I highly recommend this product it will work very well!


about Mulondo

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Mondia Whitei

Mondia whitei

Mondia whitei roots are used as an aphrodisiac and as a natural penis enlargement root for males and for improving female’s sexuality.

Mondia whitei roots are popularly known in central Uganda as Mulondo.

Mondia whitei is a medicinal plant located in the tropics from West Africa to eastern and southern Africa.

Parasite and Worms Formula

Parasite and Worms formula

Back To Your Roots Herbs Parasites and Worms formula is a powerful cleansing formula used to detoxify the blood, digestive system, organs, and GI tract.



Back To Your Roots Herb’s multivitamin is packed with Nano and Microminerals along with dense nutrient vitamins.

Among the best fruits, grasses, to the highest beta-carotene sea algae’s, our multivitamin will provide you with the daily amount of vitamins and minerals required for normal day-to-day activities.

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From Our Supporters

What our supporters are saying

I would like to say thank you back to your roots herbs for supplying me with an outstanding product. I ordered African mango from backtoyourrootsherbs and received my order within two days. I weighed 220lbs when I started using African mango, and I am currently at 199lbs. I’m happy to say that African mango is a natural product that works amazing. I would recommend African mango to anyone that would like to lose weight. Thanks again to backtoyourrootsherbs for the outstanding service and amazing product.

Andrae R

about African Mango

Love Muscle is a product that you have to try!! I was very impressed with this! I could feel the effects after my first dose. My energy level was increased, and my libido was off the charts! What impressed me the most was the increased stamina during sexual interaction. I would recommend Love Muscle to anyone looking for that boost in the bedroom! Thank you for Back To Your Roots Herbs for introducing me to this great product and also sharing knowledge with me about the benefits of herbs to enhance my life! Back To Your Roots Herbs has gained a new customer.


about Love Muscle

Love Muscle, the perfect name for the perfect herb. I have been taking Love Muscle for two months, and I’m ready to buy more, it’s incredible. I have noticed my sex drive and energy have been the highest its ever been, and of course, my girl loves it, I haven’t seen her smile this bright since I met her, and that’s the truth.

Terrance B

about Love Muscle

I was a 42 yr. Old male retired from the military, and when I left, I was 173 lbs. According to their chart, this weight was right, or was it? I asked myself this same question every day until I decided to prove it wrong. I embarked on finding all the right exercises and supplements to help me in my quest to lose this weight. I hit all the stores such as GNC and other fitness stores for things like muscle milk, muscle supplements, and weight loss pills. With a rigorous daily workout, I thought I was on my way to set my goal. I guessed wrong as I watched six months go by with no results. Didn’t lose the weight and seemed to gain more. Then I heard of natural herbs, herbs I had never heard of such as Moringa. I was so skeptical of this product being able to do the things it said it would do, but why not, I gave it a try. In the garbage went every human-made product I had bought, and with a bottle of green tea mixed with Moringa, I continued my workout. At first, I didn’t see much of a difference, but in the weeks to follow I felt more energy, felt stronger and agiler. The weight didn’t seem to shed off until I realized that my pants felt looser. I was losing inches while gaining muscle. So I changed my routine. In three months my body went through a complete change. I am now 43 yrs. Old at 155 lbs. I had been holding this weight for three months without changing much of my diet. These results got me to look more into natural ways of pursuing what my body requires. Now I take Moringa, Amla, Black Maca, African mango, and many others. I have never felt healthier or more cleansed of toxic waste in my entire life. Skepticism went right into the garbage along with the human-made products!

Jay S

about Moringa

Let’s see, where exactly do I begin? First and foremost let me say Thank You brother for all of your knowledge and help with wanting to inform the people about their health. So many people should take heed. I have always been interested in a more natural way to heal ourselves and just wanted to be healthy but all of a sudden it was like an explosion of so many people coming with this or that or pushing this product or that product. Due to my research on some herbal supplements, as you know and being in the truth, I came upon your site. I initially wanted to better my health, and then it just spilled over into wanting to heal/help the people around me that I loved the most.

The first product that I ordered from you was the Moringa. I had heard so much about this product and wanted to try it and honestly when I purchased it you were having a sale, so I was like well, why not? I have also purchased Amla, MSM, Fo-Ti and Black Maca through your site as well. When my shipment arrived (which was very fast) I immediately started taking the Moringa. I noticed immediate the changes. Before the Moringa, the hours of rest I was getting was so off. I was moody and tired all of the time. I was having such a hard time getting out of the bed in the mornings it was ridiculous.

The very next morning after taking the Moringa, I was able to pop right up out of bed and make it through the day. I have just felt really good throughout the day. I was taking vitamin B-12, vitamin D3 and occasionally Evening Primrose oil to help with my horrible menstrual cycles. I no longer have to take any of them anymore. I take the herbal supplements purchased from your site. Before taking the MSM, my nails would grow and then break but now they are much stronger and grow like crazy, and my skin has completely cleared up, and that was within a few days. It was a noticeable difference.

My hair, well I have always had long hair and when I have cut it, grows right back. However, it is growing even faster. I wish I had pictures to show you how fast. On the Black Maca, I am no longer having horrible PMS. I am pleasantly surprised myself. When I had my first cycle while taking these herbals I didn’t even know I was coming on when I did. What a difference. Before, I had such discomfort and would cry so easily. On the Fo-ti the only thing I can tell you is that I haven’t been sick once while taking it. Where I work, someone is continuously sneezing, blowing their nose or coughing. I usually catch whatever they are passing around quickly, but not this time.

I am forever raving about your products and refer your site to as many people as I come in contact with that ask me any health-related questions. I will gladly vouch for your products and want to say again. Thank you.

With Gratitude

LaToya D

About Moringa and Evening Primrose Oil

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