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Back To Your Roots Herbs provides high-quality medicinal herbs for sale. We are dedicated to providing wild-harvested and organic herbs, roots, and rhizomes.

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“Parasite and Worm Cleanse”

This product is amazing. I mean it has a very bitter taste, but it WORKS!!! you have to follow up with clean eating, drinking water, and tea to keep flushing the toxins out.


“He Shou Wu”

My daughter can go without a menses for six months. Within six doses she had a menstrual cycle. We were shocked at the quick results which are a testament to the high quality of the herbs.



I have a history of urinary tract infections this herb helps get rid of bacteria. I would recommend it to anyone, and since it’s natural, there are no side effects.



Way before I took this mulondo pill form I was already doing PE exercises, but I say it’s way better when you combine this product with the exercises because I feel it when I take the product. Today is my 2nd week using them, and I already see growth when combined with other PE exercises, but it works. I highly recommend this product it will work very well!


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