Clitoria Flower Tea Benefits

August 27, 2022
Dried butterfly pea flowers

Throughout history, the butterfly pea flower (Clitoria ternatea) has appeared as a staple of eastern medicine and as a playful ingredient in drinks and desserts. The climbing, invasive plant has fans and foes but doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The butterfly pea flower extract enhances the brain’s cognitive and creative abilities. Featured mostly in Thai history, it serves a variety of purposes, treating occasional and chronic symptoms naturally. The flower is still used as a popular, natural supplement. Health scientists are exploring how it can be used in preventive medicine, specifically how it can help delay or avoid the onset of diabetes.

Our butterfly pea flower (Clitoria ternatea) is available as a powder (2 oz) or in a bottle of 60 capsules.

Health benefits of butterfly pea flower

Butterfly pea flower extract is a safe, natural supplement suitable for people looking to enhance their lives naturally. It can reduce stress, improve cognitive function, or be a natural sedative. It can be taken in a variety of forms but made as a tea, it’s most popular thanks to its beautiful color.

Using a powder of butterfly pea to improve mental wellbeing

When it comes to modern life, everyone has more stress and anxiety than they would like. Even if not at levels requiring clinical treatment, these are simply stressful times. Elevated stress can detract from work and creativity, disrupt sleep, and reduce the ability to enjoy activities and relax. It can also cause physical symptoms like panic attacks and gastrointestinal upset.

Butterfly pea, whether as a powder, extract, tea, or in other forms, has anti-stress properties. It reduces anxiety and depression and their symptoms, too. In this way, the extract (in any form, including tea or powder) is a holistic aid. Reducing anxiety and stress means reduced symptoms leading to better overall health and wellness.

Anti-inflammatory properties of clitoria ternatea

Anti-inflammatories, as their name suggests, reduce inflammation. Why does this matter? Inflammation is a primary cause of pain. Anyone who has sprained an ankle or yanked a muscle during a vigorous workout has likely reached for an anti-inflammatory. They work very differently from opioids and other narcotic painkillers, which simply block the nervous system, causing a wide variety of effects.

Eating a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and low in saturated and trans fats helps reduce inflammation naturally. Adding a supplement such as butterfly pea flower powder aids in reducing inflammation. Those who have inflammation-related health issues, like rheumatoid arthritis, may experience fewer flare-ups by adopting a diet and supplement regime that is naturally anti-inflammatory.

Butterfly pea flower powder as a fever fighter

Fevers happen but can be incredibly uncomfortable. Butterfly pea flower naturally reduces fever, something that has been studied since the 1950s. While many natural-leaning people prefer to “break” a fever or “sweat it out,” sometimes a little help is needed.

The brain-boosting power of butterfly pea flower extract

One of the most interesting and promising areas of health and wellness of butterfly pea flower powder use is its nootropic effect. Nootropics are also known as “brain boosters.” The butterfly pea flower shows much promise in this area! It has been found to serve as a cognitive and memory enhancer. While not a cure, it is believed to slow mental degeneration later in life and has been studied in relation to Alzheimer’s.

In addition to cognitive function, including improving memory, butterfly pea flower powder can be used as part of creative practice to increase creativity. This is likely linked to its ability to calm stress, alleviate anxiety and reduce depression. These things are all distractions and detract from the ability to let the mind flow freely. By eliminating these negative thoughts and feelings, or at least significantly reducing them, people can better concentrate on creative endeavors.

Clitoria ternatea anti-microbial uses

Scientists have found that the butterfly pea flower is effective at fighting viruses and fungi. Since it is found in nature rather than being created in a lab, it offers significant advantages. While major illnesses should be seen by a doctor, adding a supplement like our butterfly pea flower powder may reduce the risk when exposure to viruses (like the common cold) and fungi.

Butterfly pea flower extract as a diuretic

Diuretics reduce the sodium in the body, relieving the kidneys and often lowering blood pressure by increasing the amount of sodium flushed from the system in the urine. A supplement that is a natural diuretic can aid in keeping healthy blood pressure and reducing stress on the kidneys. The addition of our butterfly pea flower powder as a supplement to a healthy diet, proper hydration, and exercise can help.

Using butterfly pea flower powder as a sedative

Trouble sleeping? Try adding butterfly pea flower powder tea to your nighttime routine. This isn’t simply a belief passed down through the ages. The flower and its components contain calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, and manganese. These have been found, anecdotally, to aid in sleep.

Butterfly pea flower benefits for hair

Thai and Ayurvedic traditions use butterfly pea in a variety of ways to increase hair health. It is found to strengthen hair, allowing for improved growth and less breakage.

The information on this page is provided for informational purposes only. See a doctor before starting any supplement regimen and when experiencing negative physical or emotional symptoms.

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