Wild Lettuce vs Dandelion

December 10, 2020
Wild lettuce vs dandelion

When looking up natural remedies to help with sleep or natural pain relief alternatives, you might have trouble comparing wild lettuce vs. dandelion in terms of medical use. That’s because wild lettuce is the cousin of the dandelion and has a very similar appearance. Beyond appearance, there aren’t many similarities between wild lettuce vs. dandelion. The two important compounds found in wild lettuce are lactucin and lactucopicrin, which work to alter the central nervous system. The wild lettuce powder contains both analgesic and sedative effects, which makes it useful for various medical conditions.

Alleviate pain

Wild Lettuce vs. Dandelion- Wild Lettuce Alleviates Symptoms of Various Diseases

Many people use wild lettuce for pain since it’s such an excellent analgesic, and it has been referred to as the poor person’s opium. If you’re comparing wild lettuce vs. dandelion, wild lettuce has the highest amount of lactucopicrin compared to dandelion and other plants. Due to the higher concentration of lactucopicrin, it makes wild lettuce a better option for multiple diseases and syndromes that require an analgesic or sedative for relief.

Improves or Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

A 2016 study was performed that showed wild lettuce could help prevent Alzheimer’s disease due to the lactucopicrin potentiating neuritogenesis. This means that the nerve cells can sprout more neurites and can connect the nerve cells. Not only that, but the transmission of the nerve signals are stronger since there are more neurites. When talking about the brain’s degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, it’s crucial to have as many neurites as possible to protect and promote brain function.


Restlessness & Insomnia

The wild lettuce vs. dandelion debate wouldn’t be complete without talking about how well wild lettuce works to relieve insomnia and restlessness. Since wild lettuce is a sedative, it works wonderfully as a natural sleep aid without horrible side effects like prescription sleeping pills. Wild lettuce works as both a sedative and analgesic, which means you’re going to notice your body is more relaxed, and any common aches or pains you have are gone to give you the ability to sleep through the night. Sleep is incredibly important for overall mental and physical health, and wild lettuce is one viable treatment option.

Can Improve Various Sexual Dysfunction in Men & Women

Wild lettuce is also known to help improve sexual dysfunctions in both men and women. In both genders, it can help calm down an overactive sex drive. This herb will also produce a euphoric feeling since it works as a sedative, making sex more pleasurable and intense for men and women. A man suffering from priapism, which is a persistent and painful erection with no sexual cause, could also find wild lettuce useful in relieving that debilitating condition.

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