Kra Chai Dom Benefits

December 09, 2020

Kra Chai Dom Treats Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

Kra Chai Dom originates from Thailand and is known by names such as black ginger and Thai ginseng. It’s commonly used in Thai medicine as a natural herbal energy enhancer, and it’s specifically used as a natural alternative to Viagra. Many men use Kra Chai Dom to achieve a better erection, and it works wonders if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. While Kra Chai Dom might be most popular for enhancing sexual performance, it also can be used as a stamina and metabolic booster. 

Kra Chai Dom Powder Effective as a Natural Energy Booster 

The natural herb you know by the name black ginger is known to be effective as a natural sexual enhancement for men, but it’s used for other common health issues. Kra Chai Dom, which is also known as Kaempferia parviflora, is popular in Muay Thai circles. The fighters love this herb since it’s an energy enhancer and can increase overall stamina. It’s been beneficial for those looking to gain muscle, and many fighters credit it for helping them win their matches.

A research study was conducted back in 2014, which showed how Kaempferia parviflora could improve energy by activating brown adipose tissue. This brown fat has a lot of mitochondria within it, and mitochondria are important since they are known as the cell powerhouse. You need brown fat to convert the food you eat into energy, and that energy is then distributed throughout the body. With the increase in energy, it’s going to be easier to achieve your goals and tasks, such as getting through an intense workout or completing a day at your labor-intensive job.

Kra Chai Dom also is known to improve lipid metabolism, glucose, and lactic acid. That’s important if you want better energy consumption and higher metabolism. When these three important components break down, you will have more energy than your body requires to function at a high level. Keeping your metabolism at a higher rate will decrease your odds of getting diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. These health benefits alone are why Kra Chai Dom is such a popular herbal supplement.

Kra Chai Dom is a Natural PDE5 Inhibitor & Increases Your Erection and Satisfaction

One of the biggest health benefits of using the Thai herb Kra Chai Dom is as a PDE5 inhibitor. These types of inhibitors include Viagra and help block cGMP, which is cyclic guanosine monophosphate. This enzyme is responsible for breaking down the nitric oxide within the body. If you’re a man, you need nitric oxide because it is responsible for relaxing blood vessels. When the blood vessels are relaxed, you will get more blood flow throughout your body, especially your penis. Since the herb is a natural PDE5 inhibitor, you’re going to get a harder erection that will last a lot longer than what you usually experience.

A harder erection isn’t the only benefit either since you’ll also notice an increase in your libido and sexual satisfaction. The black ginger will increase the amount of dopamine in your system, which is one of the most important pleasure neurotransmitters. When your dopamine levels increase, you’ll experience a higher libido than before. Using this product as an aphrodisiac will increase your sexual satisfaction and overall pleasure levels.

PDE5 Inhibitors are Known to Improve Cognitive Function 

While we mostly associated PDE5 inhibitors as being great for achieving a better erection, there are many other health benefits related to them that contribute to better overall health. Black ginger has also been shown to improve overall cognitive function and memory. It can help prevent neurodegeneration and decrease stress levels. Stress is a contributing factor to neurodegeneration and causes health issues such as high blood pressure and depression.

With regular consumption of black ginger, you will be protecting the neurons within the brain and preventing them from degeneration. Neurodegeneration is caused by age or other health issues and can significantly impact your overall quality of life. It’s more likely to happen when you’re over 60, although the degeneration can begin much earlier in life in certain situations. Keeping the neurons within your brain healthy is essential for concentration on everyday tasks and overall cognitive function. A healthy brain and the ability to concentrate will also give you a more productive life, whether it’s work-related productivity or more focused on your personal life.

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