The mission for Back To Your Roots Herbs (BTYRH) is to educate, reference, and point you in the right direction of optimum well-being! Through this website, we intend to share everything that we have researched, tested, and consumed to bring this healthful knowledge to our sisters and brothers worldwide with different nationalities and backgrounds that could benefit from what we’ve lost – the lack of knowledge.

We want to share this fantastic holistic well-being journey with you. We must learn the importance of re-connecting with beautiful “mother nature.” We have been on the holistic road for ten(10) plus years, and it’s been life-changing, achieving excellent results when it comes to rejuvenating, healing, and cleansing the body. With the challenges we face every day, it’s imperative to feed our “temples” the best herbs and superfoods possible.

The foundation from which we’ll build will be from Amazonian, Chinese, Ayurvedic and African herbs that have been researched and applied for more than 5,000 years. So let’s come together on one accord and build our minds, bodies, and souls. Required of you is to go “Back To Your Roots.”

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