White Lotus Flower Meaning and Symbolism

December 01, 2020

The lotus flower is thought to be one of the most sacred flowers in the world, and it can be found growing in multiple locations all over. While people might look at the lotus flower and think it’s incredibly pretty, many people don’t know about the true meaning and symbolism behind this wonder of nature. Once you’ve learned about the symbolism behind the white lotus flower, you’ll have a newfound respect for this plant and realize it’s not so different from humans.

White Lotus Flower Meaning

Each color of the lotus flower carries a different meaning and significance, especially in Buddhism. All of the lotus flowers are connected to a certain part of a spiritual journey in Buddhism. The white lotus flower is considered to be when you are awakened to the wonders of the world and are in a state of bodhi. For those who practice Buddhism, the white lotus flower is in between starting the spiritual journey and total enlightenment. It’s been used in Buddhism for thousands of years, but other religions have also looked to this flower for similar reasons.

Several meanings exist for this flower, including mental purity, faith, knowledge, beauty, and grace. It’s also known as the “Womb of the World” since it has significance and popularity worldwide. The flower goes through a daily cycle of life, death and then reemerges the next day just as beautiful and stronger than ever. In the religion of Hinduism, the white lotus flower stands for both beauty and non-attachment.

White lotus flower meaning

White Lotus Flower Symbolism

The ability of the flower to continue to come back regardless of circumstances is one reason it symbolizes faith and strength. We are all born, and all suffer some kind of setbacks, just like the flower. It spiritually symbolizes enlightenment since the flower is found in the muddy waters, but then it buds and eventually turns into a beautiful white lotus flower.

It’s long been believed that this life cycle represents the life cycle of humans. The muddy water itself symbolizes all of the struggles we go through in life. When the flower buds, it symbolizes someone that hasn’t reached their potential quite yet. The flower blossoming symbolizes someone that’s reached the state of mental purity and rises above the challenges to achieve a state of nirvana. There’s also purity in this process since the petals never become dirty even though they grow in muddy water, which holds a lot of significance.

The symbolism also is found within the flower’s heart when it’s fully opened. A fully opened white lotus flower heart symbolizes the purity of the soul. The belief is that a person should have a good heart and soul and aim to reach the same beauty as the flower itself. This flower goes through hardships in the beginning but eventually turns into a beautiful flower full of life. It’s hard not to see how people have found this flower to signify the human race and all the positive and negative aspects of life.

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