What Is The Best Medicine for A Long Duration Intercourse?

February 13, 2019

It’s in men’s nature to take their sexual performance very solemnly. They often take it all upon themselves to provide and have pleasure in the bed. As a result, unsatisfactory intercourses make them quite insecure. Even with everything fine, they wouldn’t mind adding a few more minutes to the act.

Men Are Hesitant to Talk About Longer Duration Intercourse

Premature ejaculation is commoner than you think. But most men won’t even talk about it. Thanks to our stereotypical society! Even when they muster up the courage to speak to a specialist about it, the prescribed medicines are more often sketchy than not. They have more side effects than benefits.

Nature Has the Best Long Duration Sex Pills

In truth, premature ejaculation is an intricate problem to treat. So, how about giving herbal remedies a try? Nature is the best remedy ever to exist! You must be aware that herbal regimens have very little to almost no side effects. Plus, they treat conditions at their very roots.

Herbs help treat premature ejaculation and make a male last longer during intercourse. Here, I will tell you about five such herbs that will work wonders for you!

Effective Treatments to Last Longer


Bangalala powder is usually known to help with erectile dysfunction, but it has also proven effective in assisting people to achieve long-lasting intercourses.

It is a traditional medicine prevalent among the Zulu tribe of Africa. Zulu men have been munching Bangalala leaves for centuries as an aphrodisiac. The University of Natal researched to learn that the compounds in the leaves are almost four times as potent as common stimulants in dealing with premature ejaculation.

These are turned into pills, which are hands down the best long-duration sex pills. You can easily buy them by visiting the hyperlink above.

What Is The Best Medicine for A Long Duration Intercourse?

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): Ayurveda’s sex pills for more prolonged intercourses

Kama Sutra has mentioned this age-old herb that has improved men’s sexual drive ever since. It is a powerful natural aphrodisiac. One of the most common causes of poor sexual performance, as you may know, is stress.

Well, Ashwagandha, to begin with, reduces stress levels. Stress causes blood pressure to rise, preventing blood from flowing to all the arteries. And, that is the underlying reason for impotence. Ashwagandha pills lower cortisol levels by as much as 27 percent!

Anxiety is also one of the potential causes of premature ejaculation. Therefore, reduced anxiety can be translated to a better sex life for men.

Secondly, when men take Ashwagandha, it stimulates nitric oxide production in their bodies. This means greater transportation of blood to the genitals, resulting in increased sexual drive and satisfaction from sexual intercourse.

Ashwagandha also considerably improves the level of testosterone. Research says the testosterone levels drop by 0.4 to 2 percent every year after 30 in men. So, if you are above 30 years of age, Ashwagandha might prove to be your holy grail.

What Is The Best Medicine for A Long Duration Intercourse?

Desert Hyacinth (Cistanche tubulosa): Improves your sex life in innumerable ways!

Cistanche tubulosa is known as the “Ginseng of the Desert. If that doesn’t give you enough hints about its benefits, well, you can read on! This herb has widespread uses in the medicinal field. They range from treating morbid leucorrhea to impotence and infertility.

It grows in Africa, Mongolia, China, India, Iran, other East regions, and the Taklamakan desert. The stem and bark are dehydrated and crushed into a powder that helps boost your sexual drive. It has been used in Chinese medicine since time immemorial. People even say Cistanche tubulosa is one of the best medicine that China has to offer.

It contains echinacoside and acteoside, which increase nitric oxide release and work wonders to heal premature ejaculation. It also hikes the release of neurotransmitters and hormones, which boosts libido in men and women.

What Is The Best Medicine for A Long Duration Intercourse?

Red Kwao Krua (Butea superba):

Butea superba is well known for its benefits in treating issues related to intercourses. It helps in treating premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. It also increases libido and improves fertility in males. It grows in various countries of south-east Asia. With globalization, Butea superba has become one of the most sought-after male supplements not just in Asia but all over the world.

The roots of this herb are the source of all its goodness. They are rich in phytochemicals, sterol, flavonoids, and over 15 other acids and nutrients that positively impact human health. Secondly, the phytoestrogens that the roots of Butea superba are rich in mimic male hormones. This means men who take it will have greater strength and energy to go on in bed.

It is also proven to help have stronger orgasms and higher chances of conception.

What Is The Best Medicine for A Long Duration Intercourse?

Monnier’s snow parsley (Cnidium monnieri):

Cnidium monnieri powder is an herb widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. It contains a potent bioactive compound called osthole that works similarly to common stimulants. They affect the penile tissues and the hippocampus.

Osthole, found in Cnidium monnieri, significantly increases the levels of luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), and testosterone (T). It also increases the efficiency of NOS and nitric oxide levels in the penile tissues. Nitric oxide synthase (NOS) is the enzyme that produces the neurotransmitter for erection (nitric oxide).

Besides treating premature ejaculation, it also promotes penis growth and enhances libido.

To conclude:

Sexual health is an integral element of our physical and mental health. A sexually healthy person can connect better with people. Sex undeniably plays an essential role in a healthy relationship with your partner.

If you aren’t sexually perfect, don’t sweat it. No one is. But, there is always room for improvement. Try out the herbs mentioned above and gain desired results in no time!

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