In our earlier work, The Ancient Art of Self Nutrition, we compiled many diets used in ancient times, when people never knew medicine. The book went through five printings and served many in understanding the role of nutrition in health. As the interest in Ayurvedic nutrition grew, the need arose to expand this knowledge to a more significant book.

We present here the result of our new efforts, The Ancient Art of Self Healing, the logical sequel to our first endeavor. This work contains many more diets, notes on daily hygiene, philosophy, and valuable information on the science of Humanology.

This is a reference book. The layout was chosen to enhance this quality. Find in the index the subject you want to learn about; then refer to the appropriate paragraph. These paragraphs were gleaned from reams and reams of notes on lectures given by Yogi Bhajan throughout the years. An attempt was made to cover the many facets of life. The sources are voluminous, and from that, we condensed the practical material for this book.

Apply the techniques you will learn in these pages. Share the knowledge with others, and let us know the results.

The Ancient Art of Self Healing – Yogi Bhajan
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