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Plants and flowers, fruits, and vegetables have long provided healthful benefits to those looking for a natural path to wellness. Many plants provide relief from anxiety, diminish stress, and allow them to open their minds in new ways. In addition to mental health and well-being, they often reduce other symptoms, including chronic ones. One such plant with significant benefits is the Red Lotus Flower (nymphaea rubra). The flower appears prominently in Asian cultures and Eastern medicine since ancient times. The red lotus is currently popular thanks to being natural and producing limited side effects. How can the extract of the red lotus help you?

Features of Red Lotus Extract

Similar to the blue lotus flower, the red lotus brings several benefits centered on the mind. It produces a mild, safe euphoria, calms anxiety, and promotes a mental-state beneficial to dream exploration and creativity.

Whether smoked, vaped, or ingested as a tea, red lotus extract users, like the blue lotus flower users, report increased tranquility and euphoria, similar to a mild high from cannabis.

In addition to these similarities in the arenas of mental well-being, nymphaea rubra is a legal supplement that relieves common discomforts that are standalone or symptoms of chronic conditions. It is used to:

● Promotes mental well being

● Relieve diarrhea

● Reduce inflammation

● Prevent acne from forming

● Ease menstrual symptoms

Positive Mental Well Being

Extracts of the red lotus are a safe alternative to benzodiazepines: a highly addictive type of drug. The flower contains bioflavonoids that act on the GABA receptors aiding in relaxation. The GABA chemical receptor system calms the nervous system. It is a much safer and more natural alternative to the highly addictive benzodiazepine class of drugs, which produce the same effects by acting on the GABA receptors using dangerous man-made chemicals.

Digestive Aid

Stomach discomfort causes complaints across all demographics. An ancillary issue related to digestive problems is the feeling of not being able to leave home. Red lotus flower rhizomes and leaves treat diarrhea and other stomach issues, while the seeds help relieve nausea, indigestion, and diarrhea. This is a common treatment in traditional Asian medicine the western world has embraced.

Red Lotus Flower Extract to Reduce Inflammation

Anti-inflammatories have received much attention in the last decade. These drugs aid in healing and reduce pain after injury and surgery. But many are chemically engineered in labs. The seeds of the red lotus flower’s anti-inflammatory properties have been proved in medical studies and allow a natural remedy without the risk of dangerous side effects.

Most anti-inflammatory drugs fall under the category of “NSAIDs” and have a long list of scary side effects: stomach ulcers increased bleeding, liver and kidney problems, and increased blood pressure.

Preventing Acne Breakouts

Glands below the skin’s surface produce a waxy substance called sebum that balances skin and hair texture. Too much sebum and the pores clog, leading to acne pimples. Too little, and skin is dry and flaky. Red lotus extract reduces the overproduction of sebum, leaving skin less prone to acne breakouts.

Menstrual Symptom Relief from Extract of the Red Lotus Flower

Since ancient times, the red lotus flower’s stalk has been used to staunch excessive menstrual bleeding and bleeding after birthing a child. Excessive bleeding can lead to discomfort and weakness. Those who have experienced this level of bleeding may wish to look to a natural remedy to ease excessive blood loss monthly or as-needed during difficult periods or perimenopause.

Benefits of Red Lotus Flower Extract

Perfect for those experiencing the physical effects of anxiety and depression (stomach discomfort, anxiety, malaise, sleeplessness), red lotus extract not only relieves these but puts the user back on track. By eradicating uncomfortable symptoms, one can restart creative endeavors and even explore their triggers and paths to fighting them simply by adding this supplement to their routine.

Beloved since ancient times for its many benefits, it’s understandable that the red lotus extract is rising in popularity.

Once taken, the calming euphoric state allows the user to be in touch with their subconscious and energies surrounding them, making it the perfect meditative aid. Considering its connection to the heart throughout ancient cultures, it’s perfect for meditating on the state of relationships, romantic and otherwise.

One of the most powerful uses is to smoke, vape, or brew a tea and then focus on exploring one’s relationships with the self or partners. This can be done through intuitive practices, deep journaling, dream exploration, or crystal reading. Taking time to partake in the extract with a lover or lovers allows for deep exploration of how they relate to each other during intercourse and may increase passion and pleasure. Using it alone can lead to discovering new outlets for pleasure previously unexplored.

History and Symbolism of the Red Lotus Flower

Asian and Southeast Asian history sees the lotus featured prominently, especially in Chinese culture and Buddhism. Red symbolizes wealth in Chinese imagery, making this a great supplement for those wishing to manifest abundance and use it as part of meditation and focus on their business endeavors.

The red lotus also symbolizes the power of intimate connection and experience: The red lotus blossom is a symbol for women’s genitals. It does enhance reproductive drive and pleasure for women.

The lotus’ incredible daily cycle, rising from the mud but remaining clean, has made it a longstanding symbol of strength, resilience, and purity. Timelapse photography is not needed to watch this flower’s journey. Late in the morning, it rises from the still waters to open its petals. Only when open is it at its best, with petals unfurling in a show of symmetric beauty. The petals remain open until twilight when the plant quickly folds and heads back under the water.

What better way to examine our own ability to not simply rise from our pasts but also to go within and continue to do the hard work of spiritual and personal reflection and growth.

Note: The information on this page is provided for informational purposes only. See a doctor before starting any supplement regimen and when experiencing negative physical or emotional symptoms.


Other benefits:

Deepen meditation

Reduces depression


Increases women sensuality


Reduce cramp pain


Origin: Thailand

Ingredients: Wild harvested Red lotus flower

Parts Used: Flower

Forms: Two ounces of powder or 60 vegetable capsules (550-600 mg).


How to use:

Powder: Take ½ tsp of the powder once daily in an 8 oz. glass of favorite juice or smoothie once a day.

Capsules: Take one capsule twice a day, twelve hours apart, with water or favorite beverage.


The gel caps we use are Vegicaps (vegetable) and are all-natural. No Animal By-Products, Starch Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Preservative Free, Ethylene Oxide, and Sulfite FREE!

Legal Information: The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Powdered (2oz), Capsule (s) 60 Vegicaps



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