Yellow Brazilian Clay

Wild Harvested – Brazilian Yellow Clay


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Wild harvested Brazilian Yellow Clay Slows Skin Aging

Brazilian Yellow Clay is rich in silicon dioxide – an essential catalyst for the formation of base collagen in our skin. So it is indicated for rejuvenation and cosmetic treatments. It has a high capacity cation and anion exchange.

Combat and slows skin aging; it acts in defense of connective tissue nourishes the fabric with its minerals that are needed to make it more rigid and healthy.

Brazilian Yellow Clay has hemostatic properties (help to speed the healing process of a wound), it is purifying and astringent, it helps to keep the skin moistened and to reduce inflammation.

It also acts on the elasticity of the skin working on sagging skin by improving skin outer layers’ blood circulation, increasing skin elasticity leaving skin looking refreshed and toned.


Origin: Brazil

Ingredients: Wild harvested Brazilian Yellow Clay


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2 oz


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