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Say Goodbye to All forms of Cancer

#1 Parasites and Worms Cleanse

Back To Your Roots Herbs Parasites and Worms formula is a powerful cleansing formula used to detoxify the blood, digestive system, organs, and GI tract.


Parasites and Worms Antiviral Herbs backed by scientific information and biologists

Assuring you that all forms of cancer will decrease within 6-12 months of continuous use.

Forms of Cancer

Prostate & Uterus Cancer

The prostate and uterus are components of the endocrine system; therefore, having tumors in these systems affect the secretion of particular hormones and or growth factors, and plenty more enzymatic actions.

Colon Cancer

The stomach, as well as the thyroid, are affected by conventional radiation and cytotoxic treatments in; hospitals, and clinics. Also, the colon is affected by environmental airborne carcinogens.

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most challenging cancers and or malignancy to overcome. According to studies, the survival rate of pancreatic cancer is 1.5 percent and up to four to five years.

Brain Cancer

Brain cancer is considered challenging to address due to certain parasites and carcinogens able to enter and reside in the most secured place called the blood-brain barrier (BBB). We’ve added herbs with active ingredients to penetrate the blood-brain barrier and fight off these toxins.


From nature into the labs we have discovered what’s been hidden. You are now witnessing something magical and proven from nature to breakthrough every toxic cell known to humanity.

Parasites and Worms Formula expectations:

  • Repair DNA
  • Assist RNA
  • Repairs Hydrogen
  • Antiviral Constituents
  • Unlocking Foreign Mutations DNA
  • Stops rapid DNA replication


What’s Inside Our Parasites and Worms Formula

Thunder God Vine

Celastrol, an active compound extracted from the root bark. Celastrol has been shown to induce leukemia cell apoptosis.


Used as a primary treatment for HIV/AIDS and HIV-related problems. An essential constituent of the plant is a nor-lignan glycoside called hypoxoside, which once in the human gut, readily converts to the aglycone, rooperol, a biologically active compound that is implied to have medicinal properties.


A significant amount of quassin in the bark and wood gives amargo a bitterness rating of 40,000. Quassia bark also contains the phytochemicals quassimarin, and simalikalactone D. Quassimarin and demonstrated antileukemic and antitumorous properties in vivo and vitro studies, and simalikalactone D has been documented to have antimalarial, antiviral, antitumor, and anticancer activities.


The seed and fruit contain a significant amount of essential oil which has a primary active chemical in it called ascaridole. This chemical was first isolated in 1895 by a German pharmacist living in Brazil, and it has been attributed to most of the vermifuge (worm-expelling) actions of the plant.

Other Ingredients

Black walnut hulls, Cloves, Wormseed, Thundergod vine, Sutherlandia, Quassia, Epazote, Warburgia, Graviola, Cat’s claw, African potato, Boldo, Mutamba, Vidanga, Jatoba, Triphala.

Research each herb, and you will be a step ahead towards excellent health, without any adverse side effects, because it’s ALL-Natural.


Parasites and Worms Pricing and Forms


60 vegicaps per bottle – $29 (20 day supply)


2 oz per jar – $33 (10 day supply)

Capsule Bundle:

Six to twelve month supply – $154-$308

Parasites and Worms Infestation

A general understanding of parasites and worms infestation and its treatment is essential for real vitality and active immunity. Our observations indicate that more people are infected with worms and harmful micro-organisms than previously suspected.

If parasites are identified as a source of imbalance, a parasite cleanse is recommended to heal all aspects of the body. In our experience, our Parasites and Worms formula should be followed virtually by everyone with lingering illnesses or degenerative conditions, i.e., cancer, arthritis, AIDS, chronic fatigue, alcoholism, etc.

Parasitic pathogens nearly always play a role in the etiology of degeneration.

The Nature of Parasites and Worms

The general usage of “parasite” refers to any organism that invades and lives at the expense of another organism, known as the host (human, animal, or insect). For our website, we will refer to “parasites” not only as those organisms scientifically categorized as parasites, such as protozoa and tapeworms, but also yeasts, viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

It is rare that a person is affected only by yeasts, or by one type of germ. People often harbor many species of pathogenic organisms, which contribute to a full spectrum of health problems ranging from arthritis and diabetes to depression and irritable bowel syndrome.

In the bodily milieu (environment), such organisms disrupt the normal functioning of the organs and continually excrete toxic waste products, which stress the body and wear down immunity. The broad range of parasite-induced health problems is evident once the nature and extent of a parasitic infection are understood.

A general misconception about parasites is that they inhabit only the intestines of the host. However, certain parasites live in the host’s blood, lymphatic system, vital organs, glands, and other body tissues. Some parasites may infect the entire body, becoming “systemic.”

Other parasites attack specific organs; for example, hookworms enter the body through the skin, travel in the blood, and eventually inhabit the lungs and small intestine; if left untreated they can remain in these organs for years, causing such symptoms as nausea, pneumonia, and anemia.

Not counting the thousands of parasitic germs, fungi, viruses, and other such microbes, scientific sources list 3200 varieties of parasites which fall into four major categories:

  • Protozoa: Giardia lamblia, trichomonas, cryptosporidium, and Endolimax nana; these are microscopic organisms that travel through the bloodstream and infect all body parts.
  • Trematoda: blood, lung, liver, intestinal, kidney, and bladder flukes. Flukes are approximately 1-2.5 centimeters in length.
  • Cestoda: beef, dog, pork, and fish tapeworms that infect the intestines. Tapeworms are large by parasitic standards and can measure up to twelve meters in length.
  • Nematoda: pinworms, roundworms, hookworms; these enter the intestines, lymphatic system, pancreas, lungs, liver, and heart. Nematodes vary in size from .2 to 35 centimeters. This group is easily transmitted, primarily by children.

Considering the extensive terrain of parasites, the vast number of adverse health effects they cause is not surprising.

Symptoms of Parasitic Infection

Abdominal pain and diarrhea are the most frequently observed symptoms of an acute parasitic infection; however, if left untreated, the condition becomes chronic, causing more complicated patterns that may mimic other syndromes. Following is a list of symptoms of parasite infection:

  • Digestive: gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, belching, intestinal tract burning and cramping, changeable bowel movements, mucus in the stools, irritable bowel syndrome, malabsorption of nutrients, inability to digest fats, lactose or gluten intolerance, low blood sugar, high blood sugar, insatiable appetite, weak appetite, anorexia, over-weight, under-weight, cravings for sweet, and or crunchy foods.
  • Immune system dysfunction: chronic fatigue, weakness, frequent colds, and flu.
  • Nervous and muscular system dysfunction: mental fog, memory problems, sleep disturbances, insomnia, teeth grinding (especially during the full moon), hearing loss, eyesight impairment, joint and muscle aches and pains.
  • Excess mucus: a sign of dampness. This may manifest as mucus in the stools, chronic postnasal drip, or frequent sinus infections.
  • Exterior signs: allergies, skin rashes, swellings, hives, eczema, white spots around the mouth, acne, swelling of the lips, blue coloring in the whites of the eyes, and itching in the anus and the ears.
  • Emotional signs: apathy, depression, nervousness, anxiety, restlessness, irritability, hyperactivity in children.

Laboratory testing is an option. Accurate testing for parasites is a problematic procedure. Many laboratories only test for intestinal parasites. The most reliable and thorough tests are available in dedicated parasitology laboratories, which are frequently located in academic or research settings.

How Parasites Spread

According to an article by the New England Medical Center, Tufts University School of Medicine, parasites are easily spread through normal daily activities. Parasites “often find their way into water supplies, where they resist chlorination and are incompletely filtered from processed drinking water supplies, even when filtration is working optimally.”

Transmission can occur through fecally contaminated swimming pool water, municipal water supplies, food, sexual activity, dogs, cats, and other animals. Those at highest risk are immunocompromised persons and children in day-care centers. The following is a list of sources of contamination:

  • Water sources: rivers, lakes, wells, and tap water are potentially contaminated with harmful organisms. Drinking or swimming in a pool containing parasites is a primary way to become infected.
  • Animals: Pets and farm animals are carriers of parasites. All animals contact parasites (mainly worms) outdoors, and if allowed indoors, expose their owners.
  • Raw and undercooked foods: Parasites are found in many fresh and undercooked foods, especially meat, and fish. Microwave cooking is often inadequate to destroy parasites. Improperly treated raw fish in sushi is a frequent source of parasites. An infected food handler working in a restaurant kitchen can transmit parasites.
  • Physical contact: Parasites are often spread through close contact, primarily by children during play and lack of proper hand-washing habits. Parasites are easily transmitted during sexual contact – AGAIN!

Overuse of antibiotics: Antibiotics (against life) significantly interfere with the balance of the intestinal BIO (life)-culture, allowing the proliferation of harmful microorganisms.


Parasites and Worms Other Benefits:

The feeling of well-being and peace

Nutrition absorption

Healthy immune system

Eliminates candida

Increases energy level

Skin lymphoma

Bone cancer

Hodgkin’s & Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Brain tumors


Thyroid cancer


Origin: USA (Formulated by Back To Your Roots Herbs)

Ingredients: A raw blend of the above herbs

Forms: Two ounces of powder or 60 vegetable capsules (550-600 mg).

How to use:

Powder: Take one tsp of dried powder in 8 oz. of favorite juice or smoothie, three times a day.

Capsules: Take six capsules daily (two breakfast, two lunch, and two before dinner) with distilled water or a favorite beverage (before each meal).

Tincture: Take 10-30 drops twice a day in a 4oz glass of water.

One dropper full is approx. 30 drops.


The gel caps we use are Vegicaps (vegetable) and are all natural. No Animal By-Products, Starch Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Preservative Free, Ethylene Oxide and Sulfite FREE!

Legal Information: The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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4 reviews for Parasite and Worms Formula

  1. kashakynks (verified owner)

    I use this parasite and worm formula for my fibromyalgia. My pain can increase when I have toxins in my system whether it be sugars or waste. I take two pills twice a day, and it has reduced my pain GREATLY. Also, I love the fact that you can eliminate gently without abdominal cramps like other detoxes.

  2. Joan Hampton (verified owner)

    I have purchased 3 of your parasite and worm cleanses. I am overweight, and in the past, I have struggled with eating well because of my intense cravings. Well ever since I completed your parasite and worm cleanse, my cravings have been eradicated. I am down 20+ pounds, and I feel better than ever. Thank you so much for this product and awesome customer service.

  3. Beshaun judkins (verified owner)

    I decided to try the cleanse in powder form….the taste is not for the faint of heart! But after a few days, I began to enjoy the bitterness. Cravings reduced & an overall feeling of peace. The mental clarity was awesome.

  4. Vicky D. (verified owner)

    This product is amazing. I mean it has a very bitter taste, but it WORKS!!! you have to follow up with clean eating, drinking water and tea to keep flushing the toxins out.

    • Ian P

      Is this better taken in powder or capsules? I am 125lbs I do not want to lose weight while taking this…I know this is amazing for my body though.

      • Roderick Green


        It is a preference. Both forms are effective; we do recommend our capsule form if you are trying to abstain from the bitter taste. The powder form will be great if you want to mask the taste in your daily smoothie or if you wanted to take the cleanse in a tea form and possibly add a nutritional sweetener.

        Peace and love.

    • Joel S (verified owner)


      The “Parasite & Worms Formula” does exactly as advertised.

      Our loved ones are highly appreciative, of FINALLY finding passionate individuals, who genuinely give a damn about health.

      Much Success, Prosperity, Spiritual enlightenment and Optimal Health to da Family!

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