Mother of Pearl (Hyriopsis cumingii)


Origin: China

Ingredients: Organic Pearl

Parts Used: Pearl


Powder: Take one tsp of dried powder in 8 oz. of favorite juice or smoothie, two times a day.

Capsules: Take 2-4 capsules twice a day with water or favorite beverage.


Natural Pimple Remover

Mother of Pearl is a natural pimple remover and can also; detoxify the system; clean and clear the skin; remove age and liver spots on the skin; give the skin a younger appearance; adjust the body energy; calm the liver; relieve stress from the mind; treat a sore throat. Also, correct the nerve system; regulate the metabolism; improve eyesight; treat insomnia; and energize the body.

When pregnant women and breastfeeding women take it, Mother of Pearl powder is believed to speed up bone development and promote intelligence in babies.

When used topically, 100% pure pearls crushed into Mother of Pearl is famous for keeping skin smooth, soft, and lustrous looking; used in the treatment of open sores burns, and cuts; as well as a homeopathic cure for fever.

(The FDA does not approve these claims; however according to Traditional Chinese medicine above are the symptoms pearl powder is used to treat).

In the thousands of years of Chinese traditional medical history, the pearl has been researched, used and recorded all the time. Modern analysis revealed that pearl contains 15~18 amino acids, over 20 microelements (including Zn, Ca, Mg, P, and Fe), several types of proteins and short peptides, EGF and some other active factors.

According to ancient texts and records including the “Compendium of Materia Medica,” up thru the current “Pharmacopoeia PRC edition” Pearl has been used for medicinal purposes from China for over 2000 years. Pearl has a reputation for being a medicine for treating specific diseases as well as preserving a youthful appearance.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Pearl Powder is taken internally and applied topically.

Pearl shells secrete Pearl during their whole lives.

The pearls used to make Emperor’s Herbologist come from an area in China that was exclusively used to make pearl powder for the Ancient Chinese royalty.

Note: Used internally and externally.


Other Benefits:

Hydrate Skin Cells

Enhance peripheral circulation

Prevent blemishes

Cardiovascular dis-ease

Increase bone density


Origin: China

Ingredients: Organic Pearl

Parts Used: Pearl


2 ounces of powder and or 60 vegetable capsules (550-600 mg).

The gel caps we use are Vegicaps (vegetable) and are all natural. No Animal By-Products, Starch Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Preservative Free, Ethylene Oxide and Sulfite FREE!

Legal Information: The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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