Gotu kola (Centella asiatica)

Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica)


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Gotu Kola Benefits ~ Supporting Healthy Brain Function

Gotu kola benefits: Gotu kola is one of the esteemed Rasayana herbs in Ayurvedic medicine, meaning a tonic believed to rejuvenate and restore the mind, body, and spirit. Its Sanskrit name means ‘from Brahma,’ a central deity in the Hindu pantheon. Gotu kola is widely used in the traditional medicine systems of South Asia, particularly for a variety of chronic skin conditions and infections and often included in anti-aging formulas. Gotu Kola is viewed as a cooling, drying herb; it was seen to drive out heat and or inflammation.

In China, Gotu Kola is used to clear damp heat, cool blood, stop bleeding, clear the liver, and brighten the eyes. This means it is considered useful for enteritis and dysentery, uterine bleeding, glaucoma, and cataract. In the Western herbal tradition, Gotu kola has been used primarily as a nervine, depurative, connective tissue promoter, and healing agent.

Traditional western uses include skin and rheumatic conditions, such as chronic eczema, chronic rheumatism, leprosy, ulcers, and topically for poorly healing wounds, leprous ulcers, and scar formation after surgery. In South Africa, Gotu Kola has been employed to treat wounds, cancer, leprosy, fever, and syphilis. In Australia, the fresh leaves of Gotu Kola are consumed as a folk medicine for arthritis. Fresh Gotu Kola leaves are sold in markets in Thailand as a stimulant and afternoon “pick me up.” In clinical practice, Gotu Kola can be used for people with reduced memory, head trauma injuries, anxiety, mental fatigue, and irritability. It is imperative to know that Gotu Kola benefits those that are 50 years plus – the most.

The brain of those that are younger already contains the constituents Gotu Kola holds. We recommend Periwinkle for the ages of 1 to 49 years old. It has been shown to promote nerve development and has shown some mild adaptogenic effects by preventing the increase of cortisol and adrenaline levels. Women have used Gotu Kola for birth control, and some herb specialists have established that Gotu Kola is an antidote for poison mushrooms and arsenic poisoning.


Other benefits:

Improving adrenal function

Relieving physical & mental exhaustion

Reducing anxiety & panic attacks

Supporting healthy brain function

Improving vein health

Lowering blood pressure

Accelerating the healing of wounds & burns


Origin: Sri Lanka

Ingredients: Organic Gotu Kola

Parts Used: Leaf, stem

Forms: Two ounces of powder or 60 vegetable capsules (550-600 mg).


How to use:

Powder: Take 1/2 tsp of dried powder in 8 oz. glass of favorite juice or smoothie once a day.

Capsules: Take 1 capsule 2 times a day with water or favorite beverage.


The gel caps we use are Vegicaps (vegetable) and are all-natural. No Animal By-Products, Starch Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Preservative Free, Ethylene Oxide, and Sulfite FREE!

Legal Information: The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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