Camu Camu (Myrciaria dubia)




Camu Camu Powder Benefits

Camu Camu fruit has the highest recorded amount of natural vitamin C known on the planet and or plane. Camu camu is a tropical fruit that varies between the size of a large grape and a small nectarine. Commonly found in the Amazonian jungle, this prized resource is used in a vast array of food preparations when it comes in season from November to May. It’s usually harvested by canoe in the rainforest, as it grows during the rainy season when waters are high or flooding.

Camu Camu Attributes

The camu camu fruit and or berry is one of the world’s most potent sources of vitamin C packing more than 60 times the amount per serving than the mighty orange. Just think, oranges often have around 1,000 ppm (parts per million) of vitamin C, while the Camu camu fruit can have concentrations as high as 50,000 ppm or about 2 grams of vitamin C per 100 grams of fruit. Translation: the camu camu berry can offer 50 times more vitamin C than oranges on an ounce-for-ounce basis. Camu camu also provides ten times more iron, three times more niacin, twice as much riboflavin, and 50 percent more phosphorus than its citrus competitors.

Camu camu and Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to help with immunity, tissue repair, and healing, as well as with cancer and cataract prevention. Moreover, because the vitamin is naturally occurring in camu camu, the body better absorbs the nutrient than it does from a tablet of the same concentration. Camu appears to be more effective in delivering ascorbic acid than synthetic vitamin C, and also contains bioflavonoids and other phytochemicals.
Vitamin C is complex; it’s not just a single, isolated chemical in its natural form. It is delivered through power foods like camu in combination with several different supporting phytochemicals that make the positive effect of vitamin C even more robust than when taken alone. High-density foods like camu give us the highest nutritional value possible through single sources.


Other benefits:


Heart health

Maintains healthy eyes, gums, and skin

Promotes optimal brain performance

Protects the nervous system

Strengthens the immune system



Origin: Peru

Ingredients: Wild harvested Camu Camu

Parts Used: Berry

Forms: Two ounces of powder or 60 vegetable capsules (550-600 mg).


How to use:

Powder: Take one tsp of dried powder in 8 oz. of favorite juice or smoothie, two times a day.

Capsules: Take 2-4 capsules a day with water or a favorite beverage.


The gel caps we use are Vegicaps (vegetable) and are all-natural. No Animal By-Products, Starch Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Preservative Free, Ethylene Oxide, and Sulfite FREE!

Legal Information: The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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