Nurture Your Inner Goddess

June 19, 2021

Building Matriarchies in Daily Life

Let’s look at a few ways to activate your inner Goddess and bring about more matriarchal structures into your lifestyle.

Manage Your Microbiome

You yourself are an ecosystem. Your body is a mini-version of Mother Earth, with its own kingdoms of organisms working reciprocally with one another. Balance must be maintained within the whole of your ecology for you to radiate at your maximal levels of health.

Much of the body’s overall health comes down to the delicate maintenance of the microbiome located in the gut. When we take care of the microbiome, we help our bodies assimilate and absorb essential nutrients, feeding ourselves with what we need and eliminating what we do not. Just as the earth’s soils must be properly cared for and enriched with nutrients, so you too must feed the ground of your being.

Consuming collagen improves the lining of the gut, ensuring that the waste and bile do not leak out into the body’s other organs. Fermented foods like kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, and kimchi are probiotic and nurture the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut, promoting gastrointestinal health. Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory that also aids in the purification and detoxification of the microbiome.

Optimize Your Hormonal Cycles

Many cycles occur within your body, whether you are male or female, and these hormonal cycles are extremely delicate. Your endocrine system can be influenced or upset by dietary choices, drug or alcohol consumption, exposure to pollution of water, food, or air, chemicals in cleaning agents, and even the hormonal cycles of the people in your immediate environment! For instance, it is believed that the synchronization of menstrual cycles among women who spend a lot of time together is the excretion of pheromones through sweat.

Our endocrine systems thrive on key nutrients for optimum functioning. To keep your internal rhythms cycling in a balanced way, consume Vitamin A from orange-colored vegetables and Vitamins D and K from rich sources. You may also incorporate herbal treatments like Chastetree Berry, which helps manage irregular ovulation, or Rhammania, which counters fatigue and depletion.

Sleep also plays a critical role in the regulation of hormones. If you have insomnia or irregular sleep patterns, go out at dusk and watch the sunset to reorient your circadian rhythms. Visually witnessing the sun go down will reset the sleep/wake cycle of your inner Goddess “clock.”

Live the Lunar Calendar

The solar calendar deals with “objective” time wherein every day is more or less the same. The lunar calendar deals with “subjective” time, the time of unfolding, development, momentum, growth, maturation, ripening, and seasons. In Lunar time, each moment is pregnant with an innate opportunity, and we can make the most of these opportunities by synchronizing our lives with the lunar cycle.

The Moon has eight faces that she shows to us in sequence, known as the Lunar Phases. Each phase, approximately 3.5 days, has its own personality, a quality, mood, or mode of consciousness that predominates during that period. Activities that are in harmony with the energy of the phase bring success, while activities that move against the moment’s energy bring failure or depletion.

Within every 28-day lunar cycle, there is a time for introversion and extraversion, a time for work and a time for play, a time for planning and a time for reflection, a time for strict discipline, and a time for relaxation. When we align ourselves to the rhythm of the Moon, our every action becomes exponentially more powerful since we undertake the proper action at precisely the most propitious moment.

Practice Gratitude and Appreciation

Maintaining an openness to life is essential to activating the Goddess’s energy. It is easy to get so pulled into your task lists, chores, errands, and perplexities about current problems that you forget to appreciate all that is going well in life. Holding yourself in a state of pure positive focus softens and opens your auric field, relaxes the body, and releases stress from the mind. Gratitude puts one immediately into the receptive mode, and it is in this state of being where we open up to higher realms of inspiration, insight, illumination, and revelation.

Stop complaining! When we focus negatively, we hold ourselves energetically against our surroundings, reinforcing the lines of division that separate us from others. When you take time out of every day to count your blessings, you open your heart to live in a welcoming and inclusive spirit. Make time every day to do some activity for the simple joy, even if it is as small as petting a cat for ten minutes or dancing to a song. Do not get so obsessed with doing that you forget about being.

Beauty is essential for the happiness of the inner Goddess, whether that means spending time in the beautiful scenery, enjoying or creating art, bringing more aesthetic harmony into your personal space, or primping yourself! Uplift yourself with pleasing scents, sights, sounds, textures, and thoughts.

Nurture Your Inner Goddess

Spend Time in Nature

Commune with the Great Mother, in whom we find all remedies for the diseases that arise from too much civilization and too little sun and air! Leave all your electronics at home and spend time in the ultimate matriarchal structure of a forest, garden, or park. Place your skin directly on the earth. The vibrations of the ground counteract some of the negative effects of living within the sea of the electromagnetic radiation of our modern world.

Walking barefoot on dirt, sand, grass, or natural stone (sometimes called “Earthing”) calms the nervous system, decreases blood pressure, and drops cortisol levels. When you walk barefoot upon the ground, you receive a surge of negatively charged ions through the soles of your feet, which helps improve the surface charge of red blood cells.

This healing wave of electrons coming up through your feet has been proven to lower blood cell clumping, reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease, and even has detoxifying properties that reduce inflammation. Plunging your hands into the dirt of a garden or the sand of a beach also reduces stress, boosts energy, and improves your immune system.

Open up and let Mother Earth restore you!

Nurture Your Inner Goddess

The ultimate metaphysical reality of this Universe is Oneness because, at its essence, our existence is vibrational. At the deepest level, we are not physical beings. We are consciousness. You are made of energy.

Human beings, along with every animal, plant, element, mineral, and even inanimate objects, are but a piece of the web of this pure infinite consciousness, known throughout the ages by many different names, such as astral light, akasha, odic force, the Universal Energy Field or Source energy. This “Source” energy undertook the endeavor of physical manifestation for the purpose of consciousness expansion, that is, to know itself in all its dimensions more completely.

So long as source consciousness remained non-physical, in a state of pure oneness in complete harmony with itself, it had little opportunity for evolution or consciousness expansion. How well can consciousness fully understand love if it has no experience of hate? How well can it understand the color ‘white’ without an experience of the opposite color ‘black’?

For source consciousness to expand its awareness, it needed to split into separate beings and experience polarity. While in the higher dimension of pure vibration, all is one, and the oneness is infinite. In three-dimensional existence, we experience ourselves as separate, limited entities in a world of opposites. We do this to learn.

The most fundamental polarity underlying the totality of the three-dimensional world is the bifurcation of masculine and feminine. As its first step, Source split itself into the polarity of God and Goddess energies.

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God and Goddess

Throughout culture, the masculine/feminine polarity has been conceptualized in many ways, including yin/yang, active/receptive, order/chaos, spirit/matter, and solar/lunar. The Divine Masculine mode of expression is active, kinetic, forward-moving, and aggressive. The Divine Feminine mode of expression is receptive, restorative, and reciprocal.

The masculine archetype is identified with the sun, which radiates the energy of heat and light outward with such force that we cannot even stare directly into it. The Moon, on the other hand, does not shine of her own accord but is illumined by receiving the light of the sun. Divine Masculine energy is initiatory, exemplified in the image of the God who creates the Universe. In contrast, the Divine Feminine energy is receptive, exemplified in the primordial space in which this Universe was created. The archetypal Goddess energy is often described as the Great Sea, whence all life rose the matrix of all matter, older than time, undifferentiated and pure.

When we in our modern times hear the word ‘receptive,’ we may be inclined to impose a value judgment upon it, associating receptivity with weakness or passivity. This is simply the habit of a shallow-minded culture that values action and ‘doing more than receptivity or ‘being.’ There is clearly nothing weak about the primordial Goddess Ge, the most ancient earth she who gives form to what was an only formless force.

Divine power expressing through receptivity is no less powerful than divine power expressing through activity; it simply has a different mode of functioning. The polarity of God/Goddess or active/receptive refers only to the mode of expression of energy— not any property of the energy itself, which is, of course, the same fundamental divine consciousness, having split itself in two. All things partake of the nature of the active or receptive principles, not only in the biological world but also in the mental, emotional, astral, spiritual, and metaphysical planes.

We need only examine the effect of the Moon upon the colossal forces of the oceans or the process of the formation of a child within the womb to witness the power that belongs to the receptive mode. Water is receptive, as it will accept, consume, and absorb any object or obstacle into itself without resistance. Yet water can wear down stone, wipe out entire cities, and is the one element required by every living being to survive.

Nurture Your Inner Goddess

Patriarchy and Matriarchy

Throughout history, societies have been structured around the God archetype (patriarchy) and the Goddess archetype (matriarchy).

A patriarchal society is structured around assertiveness, initiation, competition, and hierarchy. There are positive, healthy expressions of patriarchy expressing the Divine Masculine attributes of protection, security, order, and justice, and negative, unhealthy expressions of patriarchy devolve into tyranny and war.

A matriarchal society is structured around reciprocity, nurturance, creativity, and renewal. The earth, whom we often refer to by feminine names like Gaia or Mother Nature, is the ultimate example of the matriarchal structure.

In a healthy forest, every independent plant, tree, animal, mineral, and element lives in a reciprocal relationship with every other living being. Predators operate in perfect balance with prey to maintain the equilibrium of the ecosystem. As a tree dies, it drops the seeds that sprout the next generation, and its rot feeds the soil with nutrients that further the life of all beings in the forest. Nature left to herself is eternally self-sustaining and self-renewing, with nothing wasted and nothing lost. It is an expression of a purely reciprocal and unconditionally nurturing structure.

The symbol of the masculine God energy is the forward-moving line or arrow as in Zeus’ lightning bolts or Ares’ spear, and we may witness that patriarchies function by the drawing of lines, whether these are boundaries of territories, orders of rank, delineations of duty, the limitations of law, or the designations of ownership. The symbol of the feminine Goddess energy is the circle, a shape without end or beginning. Goddesses are often pictured with the Moon, with round life-giving bellies, or as the circular planet of the earth herself, and matriarchies function by way of circles, which manifest as the gathering together in collaboration, the dissolution of boundaries, and the orientation to the cosmic rhythms or cyclical nature of time.

The society centered around the Goddess archetype is collaborative, relational, and inclusive, prioritizing harmony within the group and the well-being of all over the success of any single individual. While patriarchies aim to build static structures that hold steadfastly against the vicissitudes of time, matriarchies are mutable. The Goddess witnesses the world in a constant transformation process with no situation exactly like any other and no binding ties of permanence.

Patriarchies rely, to some degree, on everyone conforming to a set order. At the same time, matriarchies are structured to maintain openness to the unique subjectivity of each individual as well as the uniqueness of each moment, often blurring or transcending the strict lines of differentiation drawn by patriarchies. Matriarchies foster structures within which one may organically respond to the unique details of each moment and the evolving needs or opinions of its members. What was appropriate in winter may no longer apply in summer.

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