Mondia whitei F.A.Q.

Mulondo [Mondia whitei] FAQ (Frequently asked questions). Further your knowledge on Mulondo by visiting each question and answer. We update our list every year.
Is this the 'real' Mulondo root?

Our Mulondo (Mondia Whitei) us 100% Wild Harvested from South Africa – we have pictures of our shipment(s) to prove it. You are safe with us.

Is Mulondo called "entengo?"
You are going to notice a lot of websites mentioning an herb called “entengo.” There is no such herb as entengo (it has no botanical name), and when you research entengo alone, you will notice they always combine entengo with mulondo – because they’re aware they are hiding entengo under the real herb Mulondo.
Does Mulondo Increase Penis Size?
According to the claims via the internet, Mulondo does increase penis size. Mulondo has been used in the societies of Southern Sudan for a long time. People in these communities discovered a long time ago that a penis could only grow generally to a few inches. This herb is often used with exercises to grow penises of children from an early age. When used “consistently” the penis takes on a new dimension gradually.
When Will I See The Difference or Results?
Everyone’s body chemistry is different so we cannot provide a definite time when you “specifically” will see results. We can say, again, when used CONSISTENTLY and religiously the penis takes on a new dimension GRADUALLY.
Can I Receive a Refund If I Do Not See Any Results?
We encourage you to visit our “shipping and return” policy.
Can I Take Mulondo In Combination With Other Herbs?
Absolutely. It is entirely safe to consume Mulondo (Mondia Whitei) with any other herb – on our website.
Can I Take More Than The Suggested Dosage?
Yes, you may, but we always recommend starting with the suggested dosage and increase gradually by 1/2 tsp.

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