Lotus Flowers and the Akashic Field

February 16, 2021

There is a library that contains information about every single aspect of you and the journey you have taken through life. Within this library is a record of every word you have spoken, every action you have taken, and every thought you have ever thought!

Within this library lies information about your past, your present, and all your potential futures. This library contains not only everything that has been but also everything that could have been. The Records reveal what choices you made, as well as what choices you could have made, and what the consequences of those choices would have been.

This library contains this comprehensive record about you and a comprehensive record about every other living being on earth. This library is a vibrational database of every soul and its journey.
This library is called The Akashic Records. It is a body of vibrational information that exists within the 5th dimension.

Akashic field

‘Akasha’ is a Sanskrit word that means “the primary substance out of which all things are formed.” You may think of akasha as the Universal Soul— the “everything-ness” of which each soul is a part.
This Universal Soul is on a quest for consciousness expansion. We are all participating in this adventure. Every plant, animal, and person incarnated on planet earth to expand the awareness of this one Universal Soul. We are each, in our own way, contributing to a body of knowledge.
That body of knowledge is contained within the Akashic Records. The records are the vibrational blueprint of everything that the Universal Soul has ever experienced. The records hold complete, accurate vibrational information of every thought, statement, or deed.

When we open the Akashic records, we can uncover the “who,” “what,” “why,” and “how” of every situation. We can see not only what happened but what motivations gave rise to these events. We see who did what, how they did it, and—perhaps most importantly— why.

There is no judgment within the Akashic field. The Masters and Teachers— the beings of light who reside within the records and help us interpret— are unconditionally loving and compassionate. From their perspective, there are no mistakes or missteps. Every choice contributes to the expansion of consciousness. Every life lesson furthers awareness and understanding. The Masters and Teachers speak from within a place of non-duality and unconditional acceptance.

Because you are a living piece of the Universal Soul, you already know everything in the Records. Getting an Akashic Records reading, or looking into your own, helps re-orient you to information that you may have been forgetting, overlooking, repressing, or minimizing. Information gleaned from the records often feels intensely familiar and “right.” A reading can give us the feeling of being brought back to our roots, or like we are “going home.”

Akashic Records are not meant to be used for divination or fortune-telling. The Akashic Records will not tell you what to do, and because they exist outside of time, they are not very accurate in temporal predictions. Furthermore, your future is not set in stone.

Your future is a product of how you focus your attention. Certain potential pathways line up for you based on how you are currently focused. Based on your most pronounced emotional and behavioral patterns, certain outcomes are currently more probable than others. However, were you to change your behavior, the probability of these future timelines would also shift. Your destiny is, at all times, under your control. Changing your attitude to life has a profound effect on how life presents itself to you.

The real value of the Akashic Records lies in the power they have to transform our perspective. With the insight gained from the Akashic Records, we can more easily shift our attitudes to match our priorities. We can adjust our emotional patterns to align with what we want our future to look like.

The Records help us understand our fears and our aversions. They help us see things from another’s point of view. They help us find compassion for people who hurt or disappoint us. They help us find forgiveness and compassion for our own mistakes. They help us identify our self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors.

The Records help us align more powerfully with our sense of true purpose. They are the blueprint of our soul. Thus, they can provide us with information about who we really are and what we need to be happy. The Records remind us of what we came into this life to learn.

Deja vu

Anyone can access this vibrational body of information. Some people spontaneously pick up on information from the Akashic Records without realizing they are tuning into this field. You may experience a flash of the records as “deja vu,” or you may have a strong “hunch” about something very particular without knowing why. More than you may be aware; you are acting on impulses from the vibrational field all the time. There are many things that you know that you don’t know that you know!

If you want to consciously enter the Records, the conventional method is to use an opening prayer and a visualization. Sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. You may wish to use a tape recorder or a pen and paper to jot down the information.

The entryway to Akashic Records is a portal that spans from the bottom of your heart up to 18” above your head. You may visualize a column of light beginning above your head, extending downward through Crown Chakra, behind your eyes, through your throat, and anchoring in the floor of your heart. You may say something like: “I ask for access, protection, guidance, compassion, and wisdom. I ask God or Source energy to surround me in infinite love and light. I ask for your help in holding the light steady so that I may receive the truth in service of the highest good of all.”


Meditate in a quiet state of devotion for some time, and when you are ready, say: “The Records are now open.”
It is best to ask the Akashic Records open-ended questions like, “Can you give me insight about—” or “What would be useful for me to know about—.” The Records will never tell you what to do. You must ask. If you have a certain desired outcome in mind, you might ask: “What would be a good next step toward achieving this goal?”.

Especially when you are first learning how to access the Records, do not expect “big answers” to appear immediately. More likely, you will receive flashes of images of words that you don’t quite understand. Do not judge these as insignificant. Write down or speak aloud, even the vaguest impressions that come to mind.

Let go completely of the worry that you are “making it up.” It may feel like this at first. However, energy moves on the words or images. The more you articulate and translate into language; the more information will come. The Akashic Records come like streams, and we must keep the streams flowing. Write down or record anything that comes up, no matter how irrelevant it may seem. You will be surprised at where these impressions will take you!

Hands holding lotus flowers

When receiving or giving an Akashic Records reading, it is generally advised to abstain from all mind-altering substances for at least 48 hours before and after. This is to keep your auric field clear. However, some herbs may be of assistance as you practice reading the records.

Red, White, and Blue Lotus flowers are known for their exalting and relaxing effects on consciousness. You may find these herbs help you to explore the Records, or you may find them more helpful when used in addition to, but not during, your Records readings.

White Lotus flower opens the Third Eye Chakra, promoting greater clarity of inner sight. Blue Lotus flower opens the Crown Chakra, opening us up more powerfully in a state of surrender to supernal information. The Red Lotus flower is known for its soporific powers and as an aid in lucid dreaming.

All three of these Lotus flowers benefit Akashic Record searches because they lift us out of the human, conscious mind and into the Akashic field of the Universal Soul.

Note that these herbs are not giving you anything that you do not already have. They do not instill you with supernatural powers or connect you to divine intuition. You are already connected with divine intuition! It may feel like the ingestion of these herbs enhances your mind, but what it is doing is helping you let go of your mind!

The human ego has a censoring effect on the soul. Information is always streaming from the Akashic field, but we do not let it in because we are excessively attached to conscious thought. Human beings are so convinced that we need to “figure it all out” that we do not let in the inspiration to solve our problems. Often, when we are looking for a solution, the most beneficial action is to stop thinking about it so hard!

Red Lotus, White Lotus, and Blue Lotus help us, foster detachment. They help us surrender. These plant medicines help us relax and quiet the mind so that more divine voices become audible. We must turn down the radio of our chattering thoughts so that we can hear the beings of Light speaking on the telephone!

Red, White, and Blue Lotus are most commonly ingested in the form of tea. Bring water to a boil and steep the flowers or powder for at least ten minutes. Before drinking, hold your left hand over the cup of Lotus Tea and internally recite an intention. You may wish to ask for guidance on a certain topic, or you may ask the tea to help open your mind to guidance, wisdom, and infinite love. These teas may make you sleepy. Record any powerful dreams when you wake up, for dreams participate freely in the akashic field.

Enjoy the sacred quest of soul, and always remember that you are a Being of Infinite Light!

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