The M. speciosa plant is known as “kratom” (Thailand) or “Biak-Biak” (Malaysia) in Southeast Asia. The plant has been used for its distinctive psychoactive properties, primarily by laborers, as a stimulant to counteract work fatigue. At high doses, morphine-like effects prevail. It has also been chewed or dissolved in teas and used as a treatment for opiate withdrawal, and for fever reduction, analgesia, diarrhea, coughing, hypertension, and even depression.

More than twenty alkaloids, several of which are biologically active, have been isolated from the M. speciosa plant, with mitragynine being the major one. The content varies from plant to plant and from young plants to older ones, and a likely pathway for the biogenesis of these compounds within the plant has been established. MG and 7-hydroxy-MG also exhibit opioid-like activity; 7-OH-MG is more than ten times more potent than morphine. Tolerance and cross-tolerance to morphine, withdrawal signs (a hallmark indication of physical dependence), and conditioned place preference have also been demonstrated.

The opioid-like receptor binding and in vivo activity raise the question of abuse potential. For many decades, laborers in Southeast Asia have used mitragynine in low doses as a stimulant and energy supplement. In higher doses, kratom has been used as an opium substitute or to manage opium withdrawal symptoms. Abuse has led to the drug being made illegal in Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Australia. It remains a popular street drug in these areas, and reports of abuse in other countries have appeared (with street names such as Thang, Kakuam, Thom, Ketum, and Biak in the
The United States).


Other Benefits:

Longer sexual intercourse

Relieve pain (Before Surgery)

Replaces morphine

Increase melanin production in the skin

Fight intestinal parasites

Fever Reducer

Alcohol withdrawals

Kratom and Other Mitragynines_ The Chemist – Robert B. Raffa


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