Herbs For Detoxing Your Body of Vaccines and Metals

April 17, 2020

Health organizations will claim that we have vaccines for a reason. Supposedly they protect our health and the health of those around us, stopping dangerous diseases from spreading. To accomplish this, millions get vaccinated every year.

We may think that we should put our complete trust in a treatment that’s so widely used. Unfortunately, things are not so simple. Like many conventional medicines, vaccines have a bad side— and as it turns out, vaccines can be quite harmful and have a pretty dark, bad side that makes many think twice about getting vaccinated.

So, how are vaccines harmful? When you get vaccinated, it turns out you’re not just receiving the vaccine. You’re also getting vaccinated with inorganic metals.

Pediatricians preparing to perform vaccination

Do vaccines contain metals?

Yes, they do— which comes as a surprise to some.

Vaccines contain the very same pathogen they’re supposedly designed to protect you against. Some vaccines are said to have a “high effectiveness rate,” though the truth is that some vaccines aren’t all that effective—in fact, some are as low as only 50% effective.

But many vaccines also include a dose of certain metals, including both inorganic and heavy metals. Why would they even put metals in vaccines at all? Well, they’re supposed to have a purpose. They’re added to make a vaccine “work better” and are called “adjuvants,” but in the long run, the cost of this effectiveness is harmful to your health.

The immune system reacts more strongly to these metals, making it respond more sensitively to the vaccine, too. In the end, this supposedly makes the vaccine more effective and successful. It also makes its protective benefits “activate” more quickly.

But metals in unnatural amounts in the body are harmful. And if some vaccines are only 50% effective, why put yourself at risk? Why expose yourself to harmful metals and undesirable side effects from a medicine that only “might” work half of the time?

What metals are found in vaccines?

Some vaccines contain metal adjuvants, but not all of them do.

Of the different kinds of metal you could find in vaccines that do have them, there are more than a possible few. And, as you read through this list, you’ll see that some don’t sound safe at all— no matter how “helpful” they’ve been proven to be on a scientific basis.

Some common metal adjuvants in vaccines might include:

  • Aluminum
  • Calcium phosphate
  • Chromium
  • Formaldehyde
  • Mercury
  • Molybdenum
  • Nickel
  • Silica

These aren’t the only inorganic metals you might find in vaccines. There can be others, too.

Herbs For Detoxing Your Body of Vaccines and Metals

Can metals from vaccines harm us?

Yes. Government bodies like the CDC (Center Disease Control and Prevention) will say metals have been used in vaccines since the 1930s. But that still doesn’t make them any safer, and side effects from them have still been known to happen.

Some metals in vaccines are shown to be relatively safe, like calcium phosphate and silica. Some are even dietary nutrients that are good for us in trace amounts, like nickel and chromium.

However, most of these metals are obvious in how they could be hazardous to health by looking at their names: mercury, formaldehyde, and aluminum. And when it comes down to it, the amount of vaccination we receive— and the amount of metals in them— increase the amounts of these metals to a dangerous level in our bodies (especially in children who are frequently vaccinated).

Side effects from these metals can be anywhere from minor to major. These can include:

  • Anemia
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Autoimmune inflammation
  • Dermatitis
  • Digestive inflammation
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Hair loss
  • Headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney problems
  • Liver damage
  • Muscular weakness
  • Brain toxicity

Can vaccines be removed from the body? (And how)?

Side effects from metals in vaccines are extremely concerning and very, very harmful to health. These harms are documented by research scientists, too.  

Still, modern conventional medicine doesn’t offer any solution to the dangers that vaccines put us in— even if it does acknowledge there are metals in vaccines and that they pose health hazards, too!

Luckily, the natural world might have some solutions!

Can metals from vaccines be removed from the body? Is there anything you can do about them? The answer is yes. 

Like many other things, metals are foreign toxins to the body— and for thousands of years, natural healers and herbalists have known what herbal remedies can support detoxification, keep the body clean, and remove them.

Best herbs for supporting detox of vaccines

Detox herbs may sound a lot like a fad. But, according to science and traditional herbalism, the benefits of herbs for detoxifying the body are very real!

Detox herbs can help boost how well our “detox” organs work: our kidneys and liver. Plus, both research and studies show they could help clean and remove many metals, including those found in vaccines! 

When looking at the world of herbs in both a scientific and folk medicine light, the following are known to be the most helpful for detoxifying the body of vaccines.


If you suspect mercury could be in your vaccine, cilantro may be a helpful herb for removing it. A mercury molecule, called thiomersal or thimerosal, is still used in vaccines today— especially flu vaccines. And mercury can have toxic effects on the body, no matter the form.

According to two separate studies, taking cilantro helped boost mercury clearance. It may bind to mercury molecules, so they are more quickly passed through the liver and kidneys. However, research and tradition consider cilantro on the milder side of detoxification.

Herbs For Detoxing Your Body of Vaccines and Metals

Milk Thistle

Of all detoxifying herbs, milk thistle might be one of the most powerful. If anything is toxic to the liver (and most inorganic metals are, including the ones found in vaccines), Milk Thistle Seed Powder is quite protective against it!

In this way, milk thistle is magnificent natural support for detoxification because it supports and shields the liver from harm. This applies to heavy metals, especially mercury, chromium, and other inorganic elements that may be added to vaccines, according to many studies and traditional practices.

Herbs For Detoxing Your Body of Vaccines and Metals


This wonderful medicinal herb-meets-spice could help detox the body of many different metals. Yes, vaccine metals, too: including chromium and mercury!

Scientists think turmeric has a very strong protective effect on the liver. What’s more, taking turmeric as an herb can also help heal the body from the impact of heavy metals from vaccines, especially inflammation, and even long after the damage has already been done.


Guduchi is an Indian herb of Ayurvedic practice. It’s an amazing plant with a wide range of benefits, though one of its most special properties is detoxification of the body most of.

Guduchi also stimulates the body to produce its natural detoxifying enzymes. These may help cleanse the body of many things, including the harmful metals found in vaccines.

Vaccines are supposed to protect our health—but the risks can far outweigh the benefits. However, when it comes to harmful metals, they don’t protect our health, though taking detoxifying herbs can help when you get vaccinated and are aware of the serious health concerns.

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