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Emotional Center

Increases concentration

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Improves Memory Function
Increases ATP
Decrease symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Rhodiola will greatly improve memory function

Hair and Nails become stronger and resilient
Strengthen tendons
Helps with arthritis

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Mother of Pearl
Enhance peripheral circulation
Prevent blemishes
Hydrate Skin Cells

Mother of Pearl is essential for beautifying your skin

Barley Grass
Alkalizes the internal body
Contains cleansing properties (Liver, kidneys, and digestive tract)
Provides raw building blocks for the hair, skin, and nails

Alkalize your body by raising your pH level


High amino acid and protein content
Packed full of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals
Fortifies DNA and RNA structures and helps cellular regeneration

Borojo is a complete source of protein

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