In this book (Healing Plants An Introduction to the Healing Power of Plants), we are going to take a look at what plants and herbs can do for us, to improve our health and our general well-being, including how to make various cosmetics using plants and herbs. We will learn how flowers can be used in meditations, how the use of color affects us all, and how we can use fresh and dried flowers as decorations and for healing.

For centuries people have been aware that plants and flowers can be used in a healing capacity. Herbalism and homeopathy, for example, are just two fields of therapy that use the inherent properties of plants and flowers to benefit health. Aromatherapy is another holistic therapy that seeks to reduce stress, illness, and disease using the power of oils obtained from plants and flowers. The use of the power of flowers in healing is nothing new: the ancient Greeks used specific fragrances as healers, such as white violet, for curing stomach upsets. Before the benefits of aromatherapy became widely known as an aid to relieving stress, scented bath cubes or various colognes or rosewaters were added to bathwater, not only to make the skin smell nice but also to help with the relaxation process.

Healing Plants – An Introduction to the Healing Power of Plants
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