Attraction to Meat and Animal Products

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Why is there an attraction to meat and animal products? The universal desire of people to eat meat in excess, and for vegetarians or vegans to want protein similar to meat, stems from a false sense of need.

Individuals can and do, if they can afford it, consume two to three times their estimated protein requirement.

Protein requirements are routinely exceeded in wealthy countries is demonstrated by the fact that nearly everyone has symptoms of excess protein consumption: acidic blood, calcium deficiency, and a tendency to carcinogenic and other degenerative diseases.

Studies show that the diets of Americans generally exceed the Federal Government’s Recommended Daily Allowance for protein by 100% for men and 40% for women.

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When given the opportunity, most people will not only take in too much protein but will opt for fatty foods more than their needs. Even many vegans and vegetarians who eat whole food have discovered ways to make vibrant dishes that overrun nutritional requirements.
“Studies show that the diets of Americans exceed the Federal Government’s Recommended Daily Allowance for protein by 100% for men and 40% for women.”

The average Western diet contains more than 50% animal products, in the United States alone figure is “over” 60%. Many of us have built our tissue, nerves, bones, and viscera with these products.

This diet has attained the momentum of many generations. To make the dramatic change to a completely vegetarian or vegan diet can be shocking.

It takes the body a certain amount of time to learn what to do with some vegetable products or, for that matter, with any food to which it is not accustomed. How long the transition takes depends on a person’s background and inherent strengths and weaknesses.

For people from societies with traditionally low levels of meat consumption – parts of Latin America, Ireland, the far east, or among certain agriculturally based Native American cultures – the process can be less of a physiological strain. Cravings for animal products are deeply rooted.

If protein and other requirements are easily met by vegetarian products, why do people crave meat? Is it because meat is food their bodies recognize? Our observation in working with people attempting to abandon animal products is that often they will return to these products for a combination of physical and psychological needs.

Animal products greatly support certain deep emotions and feelings of identification of the individualized self-ego). Until the ego is sufficiently developed, it is impossible and even undesirable to move beyond it. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to become fascinated with various levels of the ego, our desires for possessions, power, sensuality, and emotional stimulus.

Fatty foods like meats that become obstructive support stagnant ego positions and attachments. Ego development, however, cannot be maintained or halted by any class of food itself, but merely occurs more readily, smoothly, and harmoniously with vegetal foods.

Cravings for meat also result from deficiencies; some people who are nutritionally lacking can quickly extract needed nutrients from animal tissue.

To stop the cruel use and killing of sentient beings and the eating of their flesh is a laudable goal, but it must be accomplished in ways that work.

For most people, a gradual approach is best. It is surprising how few people, having eaten animals their entire life, have considered the essential nature of animals.

One traditional East Asian view teaches that a creature comes into being as a precise manifestation of cause and effect, with attributes determined by how it existed in previous realms or incarnations.

Examples of unique characteristics include the speed and cunning of the leopard and the grace and sensitivity of deer. Each animal also is saddled with negative attributes: the extreme attachment of the goose to its mate, the desires of the pig, the shyness of the rabbit, or comparable traits.

When we eat an animal, all the various forms of its consciousness, as well as its physical substance, are assimilated into our own. One usually is not aware of this until animal product consumption is stopped for several months and then resumed.

If you are considering a plant-based diet/lifestyle such as; vegetarian or vegan and concerned on where to get your protein from, be advised there are plenty of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that can help you meet your needs.

Also, we must stress the “fact” that; algae, herbs, fruits, and vegetables are the highest sources of protein on the planet and recognized by the human body and quickly absorbed without any complications.

Yes, they may supply protein, but they are doing other great works inside of your system(s) that you may not be aware of until your consciousness speaks to you. Don’t be afraid to change utilizing nature; it always will have your back until the END.

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